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What is Dual Inverter AC?

What is Dual Inverter AC

What we all love to do in summers?

There are short clothes, chilled drinks and certainly cool surroundings and interiors, isn’t it?

You can completely vary with the choice of your favorite clothes or drinks but the one thing on which you all will agree is that you need the best AC for cooler surroundings. A quality AC can work its best to keep the surroundings all cool and calm even in the scorching heatwaves.

We all have been hearing about ACs, but what’s new in the trend is dual inverter AC. Dual inverter ACs have become extremely popular amongst the users as it comes with many benefits over the traditional AC design.

Considering its benefits and popularity, even many big brands are switching to dual inverter AC. If you still are unaware of this trending AC type, then you are at the right place. Let us discuss all the essential aspects of the AC that would help you to better understand it.


What is dual inverter AC?

Dual Inverter AC

In very simple words, dual inverter AC means AC with 2 rotary motors, unlike the traditional inverter AC. The 2 available motors produce wider rotational frequency which results in better-controlled functions along with better cooling.

The dual inverter AC can also be seen as the advanced version of the traditional inverter AC. They are designed with advanced, efficient, and powerful BLDC motors. You can rely on the dual inverter AC for its stable performance and optimization with higher efficiency.

With its higher level of performance as compared to the traditional inverter AC, the dual inverter AC gets its popularity amongst the users.


Benefits of dual inverter AC:

Dual inverter AC comes with several benefits for its users that can attract anyone towards the machine. Here are some of the benefits that you can rely on:


1. Better cooling:

The first and foremost benefit that the dual inverter AC offers to its users is better and instant cooling. No matter how harsh the outside temperature is, with this dual inverter machine, you will always be cool and cozy at your place.

The available BLDC motor varies the compressor’s speed according to the need. This helps in getting better temperature control rather than always working at the maximum temperature.


2. Minimal Energy Consumption:

Another amazing benefit of the dual inverter AC is its high energy-efficiency. These ACs require minimal energy for their work as they are equipped with 2 motors.

The dual-motor ensures to have a wide operating range and lower rotation frequency; therefore, it needs lower power for its functioning. On average, you can save up to INR 6,000 with the use of dual inverter AC.


3. Lesser Noise:

The traditional inverter AC works with a single motor which tends to make a lot of vibration with its high-speed rotations. Thus, it results, in creating a lot of noise.

On the other hand, the dual inverter AC works with the help of 2 motors which balances their vibration even at high-speed rotation. This helps in minimizing the noise during working.


4. Faster cooling:

Who wouldn’t want their room to get cooled instantly in the summer season? Frankly, cooling a room with the traditional inverter AC can take a while but if you want some instant cooling, then you will not be disappointed with dual inverter AC.

Thanks to the dual BLDC motors, the dual inverter AC can provide some instant cooling without any hassles.


5. Cost-effective:

Not only are these appliances available at an affordable price, but these are also cost-effective in terms of their performance. Since they consume lesser energy for their operations, you can expect to save more on your monthly budget without compromising the quality of the performance.


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Which brands offer the best dual inverter AC?

Thanks to the popularity of the dual inverter AC, all the big brand names in the market are now coming with their own distinguished and better inverter AC. You can find almost all the popular and reputed names in the market; some of them are as follow:

  • LG
  • Whirlpool
  • Voltas
  • Samsung
  • Hitachi


Are there any disadvantages of the dual inverter AC?

Just as everything has its two sides, dual inverter AC also has its other side of disadvantages. Yes, there are some disadvantages that you should also keep in mind before buying this appliance.

Here are the 2 major cons of the dual inverter AC:

  1. High-cost:

Nothing comes in the world without a price and if something is offering you with so many benefits that would surely charge you with a heavy price.

The dual inverter AC is more expensive than the traditional ACs. Since, they are designed with dual powerful and efficient motors, which deliver advance working, the dual inverter AC is slightly on the higher side of the price range.

  1. High maintenance:

Just like the high price, the dual inverter AC also requires high maintenance for its proper working. As they are made with advanced mechanisms, even a slight problem can hinder its normal working. Therefore, you should be very careful and observant of its working.

Dual inverter AC should get frequent servicing so that nothing can come in between its delivered cool air and your comfort.


Are dual inverter AC worth buying?

worth buying

Absolutely! There is nothing compared to the effective performance of the dual inverter AC.

Even if they are quite expensive, they are totally worth buying. After all, you wouldn’t find paying a little more for the comfort, luxury, and benefits that the dual inverter AC offers. Isn’t it?


Final Verdict:

Dual inverter AC is the appliance of modern times and is designed with all the benefits and features that the users expect from their AC.

We hope this could have enriched you with some desired knowledge about the trending dual inverter AC. The appliance has become everyone’s favorite within no time. Are you also one of them?

Be smart and invest in something as sensible and efficient as the dual inverter AC.

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