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Kent vs Aquaguard: Which One is Better?

Kent vs Aquaguard

A water purifier is a device used in the elimination of pollutants within the drinking water. The need is where the one has clean drinking water for house or business and designs especially with water purifier filters and attached within the faucets.


Quick Comparison Between Kent Grand Plus &

The table below shows the best water purifier in India which is compared. However, set of specification makes an easy approach with water purifiers compared with brands such as Kent vs. Aquaguard.

Features and SpecificationsKent Grand PlusAquaguard Geneus
Purification Capacity15 L/hr15 L/hr
Purification TypeRO+UV+UF+TDSRO+UV+UF
Storage TypeYesYes
Storage Capacity8 L7 L
UV Fail AlarmYesNo
Filter Change AlarmYesNo
Body MaterialNon-toxic food safe ABS plasticFood grade plastic
TDS ControllerYesNo
Pre filtrationYesNo
UV Lamp Power45 W45 W
Power Consumption60 W60 W
Input Voltage100-300 V AC/50-60 Hz230 V AC/50-60 Hz
Max. Duty Cycle75 liters dayNA
Weight9.4 kg11.8 kg
Dimensions260 x 410 x 520367 x 314 x 567
Warranty1 year1 year
PriceAround Rs: 19,000Around Rs: 22,990


Quick Comparison Between Kent Maxx & Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Crystal Plus


Features and SpecificationsKent Maxx 7-litres UV + UF Water Purifier detachable storage tank, BlueEureka Forbes Aquaguard Crystal Plus UV Water Purifier
Purification ProcessUV and UF to remove bacteria, viruses and cysts from water making it safe for use.Purity sensor system continuously scans the water and shuts of the machine on any error during purification process.
MRPRs. 7,710/-Rs. 8,095/-
Installation TypeFree installationWall Mounted
Storage TypeElectric with storageElectric without storage
Storage Capacity7 L
TDS ControllerLow TDSLow TDS
UV Fail AlarmYesNo
Filter Charge AlarmYesNo
Membrane TypeThin Film Composite ROThin Film Composite RO



Who Invented Water Purifier?

Hippocrates during the age of 500 BC at Rome discovers the healing powers of water obtained the first bag suggestive of sieving water filter know as ‘Hippocratic Sleeve’  with the main purpose serving the bag traps sediments caused bad tastes of odors. This is mainly done so with the water purifying systems which reduce the risk of medical conditions as such where there is colon cancer, bladder cancer, and rectal cancer through the removal of chlorine and nasty bacteria in drinking water.

Some of the most popular brands of water purifiers:

  1. Kent – One of the most popular brands in India established itself as leader diversifies other health care products where air purifiers and fruit and vegetable purifiers.
  2. Aquaguard – This is water from Eureka Forbes where water purifiers loaded with features such as Silver Surety Technology and Intelligent Auto Fill System.
  3. Aquasure – The reputed brand Aquasure brings a huge variety in vacuum cleaners with most popular models such as Aquasure Shakti, Aquasure RO+UV, and Aquasure Xpert.
  4. Pureit – The other name of trust associated with house of Hindustan Unilever sold in India to seven other countries in the world.
  5. Zero B – Zero B is a brand which is popular not only in India but with other parts in the world. High quality affordable prices with main reason for popularity and some best selling models are Sapphire, Ultimate, Emerald, and Suraksha Plus.


Reasons for Water Purification Need:

Local water supplies reduces contamination with improper disposal of certain minerals with bacteria, lead, mercury and certain pollutants and the purification process helps in removal of contaminants entered through drinking water.

Lower Cancer Risk

Chemicals and other toxic materials make way to water sources increases the risk getting some types of cancer. Eliminate through water purification helps in lower risk associated with exposure to these materials.

Reduced Chlorine Levels

Chlorine in drinking water causes a wide range of serious health issues as follows:

  • Higher risk of cancer
  • Cardiovascular problems
  • Asthma
  • Birth defects


The boiling water uses to help remove contaminants which is a time consuming process where larger amounts of water being in need. Water purification systems offer way of getting rid of contaminants which also saves time.

Fewer Plumbing Contaminants

There will be pipes and plumbing system if one live in a older homes especially introduces copper and other contaminants in water supply. These contaminants are able to enter your home as water flows through old and corroded pipes through local water supply which may purify water and helps keeping these materials out from drinking water.

Lower Bacteria levels

With E. coli bacteria where one serves serious illness exposes in your drinking water which might cause mild symptoms such as nausea, and other life threatening which is especially in children, older adults and those with conditions lowering their immunity.

Cost Savings

Purchasing bottled water does not contain contaminants where the bottles add significantly over time. With the investigation of water purification lowers the amount of money through water purification Charlotte system, spends on clean water which can also add up considerable cost savings.

Lower Carbon Footprint

With water purification system reducing the carbon footprint helps in protection of the environment where there is purified water availability who might not have to use plastic water bottles harming the environment sitting landfills.

Healthier Foods and Beverages

Water purification system provides drinking water which do not have contaminants which might have a steady supply of purified water used for other purposes rinsing off vegetables and preparing meals and brewing coffee or tea. This might help foods and beverage with fresher taste provides peace of mind with the one you eat and drink with potentially harmful contaminants.

Healthier pets and plants

Water purification not only benefits us but also benefits pets and plants where they fill your pets’ water bowls helping lower their risk of exposure with pollutants which might affect health. Watering the plants with purified supplies of water reduces risk with certain materials entering water supply.


Types of Water Purifiers

Water purifier is capable with softening water where there is reverse osmosis process with impurities setting in water – virus, bacteria, and salts. With water purification method, there are dependencies consideration where one might easily says that there are five -classification types involve as follows:

  1. Reverse Osmosis (RO) – This is a water purification process uses a partially permeable membrane with ions getting removed along with unwanted molecules and larger particles of drinking water.
  2. Ultraviolet (UV) –This effective method disinfects bacteria where ultraviolet rays penetrate and destroy illness causing microorganisms which attacks genetic core.
  3. UltraFiltration (UF) –Thus a variety of membrane filtration forces pressure or concentrated gradient which leads to separation through semi-permeable membrane.
  4. Activated Carbon – This being activated carbon membrane used in water treatments which developed with decolorization of coke furnaces wastewater successfully as demonstrated in the model case. With activated carbon membrane prepared as per carbonizing vinydenchloride (PVdC).
  5. Sediment Filter – This act in removal of particles with things to keep in mind is where about sediment filters and which reduces sediment. As they do not remove chemicals or heavy metals or making the waste water or smelling it better and rated is through “micron” number.


Kent vs Aquaguard

Kent Water Purifier

Kent’s RO Water Purifier removes dissolved impurities. This is with removing bacteria and virus from drinking water which is based on Kent’s patented Mineral RO technology with multiple purifications where RO+UV+UF+TDS controller dissolves impurities which is removed with bacteria and virus within the drinking water. KENT’s RO Water purifier removes impurities which is dissolved and removes with bacteria and virus from drinking water. There are impurities to state rust, salts, and heavy metals with increase in water which supplies at our home irrespective of municipal or ground water source.

Some of the popular brands of Kent Water Purifier:

  • KENT Grand Plus
  • KENT Pearl
  • KENT Supreme
  • KENT Maxx
  • KENT Perk
  • KENT Ace


Aquaguard Water Purifiers

The classy and premium range water purifier equips Universal, RO, and UV technology works with all water sources. However, patented Mineral Guard and Biotron cartridge gives the optimum level of purifiers with health benefits priced at Rs.10,190 to Rs.38690.

Some of the brands which Aquaguard water purifier caters as follows:

  • Geneus RO+UV+UF
  • Enhance RO+UV
  • Enhance RO
  • Enhance Green
  • Reviva 8L

There are three stage purification process of water involves the first with the stage shows suspended materials such as dust and mud filters out. However, using ultraviolet rays, there is a purification of water with UV technology ensures water boiled for 20 minutes.


Winner Water Purifier Brand Between Kent & Aquaguard

Through, all the above, it is to note that the features stating where one concludes technical specification with the water purifier comes up with a conclusion where Kent and Aquaguard both leads water purifier brands and features a little on a higher side. Hence, finally with reading all the news in tandem, one must note benefits, specification, features, reviews, ratings, and price where there are two water purifiers where the best water purifier is as per the requirement. There is a comparison being made winner to single brand where there are other better features explaining the reasons why one chooses particular brand and why with not another one.

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