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How to clean the Kent water purifier?

How to clean the Kent water purifier

Is your drinking water clean and safe for use? How do you keep your drinking water purified?

If you are still using traditional and old ways to purify water, then it is high time that you switch to an easy and convenient way to purify drinking water. We are talking about using an effective – Kent water purifier.

Water purifiers are the simplest and easiest ways to purify drinking water. An effective and high-quality water purifier can remove the maximum contaminations from the water; thereby making it safe for drinking and other uses.

To be sure that the water purifier is performing brilliantly, it is important to keep the purifier clean and hygienic. In this content, you can find all the necessary and essential information to keep your Kent water purifier clean for its best use.


How to clean the Kent water purifier?

When to clean your Kent water purifier?

There is no specific time to clean your water purifier as the need for cleaning depends upon the usage and the types of filters used in the purifier and most importantly, the water type.

If your purifier is cleaning hard contaminated water frequently, then there are high chances that you would need to clean and maintain it on a regular basis. On the other hand, if the contaminations in the water are less along with limited use of the purifier, then even its cleaning can be done after 2-3 months.

Along with the usage and water contaminations, you should also keep a closer look at the filters of the purifier. Filters are the heart of any purifier and if they are not in their best conditions, then your purifier needs to be cleaned thoroughly for getting high-quality purified water.

However, it is suggested to clean your Kent water purifier after regular intervals so that you never have to compromise with the quality of purified water. Be sure to clean it once in a month. If this is no possible, then be exact to thoroughly clean it within the time of 2-months without a fail.


Benefits of cleaning the water purifier on a regular basis:

Once you are aware of when to clean your water purifier, here are some of the benefits of doing the same on a regular basis, to keep you motivated.

Purifies water:

this goes without any second thoughts, a thoroughly cleaned water purifier will effectively clean all the impurities from the drinking water for making it 100% safe for drinking purposes.


Adds nutrients:

another benefit of cleaned water purifier is that it adds the right amount of desired nutrients in the water to enhance its quality. It will offer many evident benefits to your health as well.


Flushes out the toxins:

using a cleaned water purifier ensures to flush out all the toxins available in the water. This helps in enhancing the quality of the water to the maximum without any hassles.


The improved lifetime of the purifier:

you can also improve the lifetime of the water purifier if its quality is maintained and handled with a proper and thorough cleaning at regular intervals.


Offers many health benefits:

we all know, there are many health benefits of drinking clean and purified water. But, can we get purified water in a dirty and unclean water purifier? NO!

It is, therefore, important to regularly clean and purifies your water purifier so that you don’t have to compromise with the quality of drinking water.

Well, aren’t these benefits motivating to regularly clean and purify your water purifier? They certainly are!


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How to clean the water purifier:

Now, when the benefits and needs of cleaning the water purifier are so evident, it is important to be aware of the proper way to do it. If you are not cleaning your water purifier properly, there are chances that certain impurities might remain in it; thereby affecting your health.

Let us quickly take a look at the various simple steps with which you can clean your Kent water purifier for getting contamination-free water in the best possible manner.

  1. Before beginning with the cleaning process of your Kent water purifier, make sure to restrict the water supply for that time. This will make the cleaning easy and convenient
  2. Completely empty the storage tank as you have to clean the tank as well.
  3. Now remove all the attached parts of the purifier so that even the tiny parts of the purifier can be cleaned without any troubles and difficulties.
  4. Be very careful while removing the filters and membranes as these are some of the most essential parts of the purifier. You have to be extra careful while cleaning the same as well.
  5. Make use of the chemical cleaner to thoroughly clean the water purifier. You can choose any high-quality chemical cleaner to clean the RO membrane but make sure it is from an authentic brand so that you can get the expected results.
  6. You can always follow the mentioned instructions on the chemical cleaner to get the maximum ease and convenience while cleaning your water purifier.
  7. You can use a soap solution to clean the filters and membranes. Once you have cleaned them with the soapy solution, make sure to completely rinse them with clean water so that there is no residue of a soapy solution on the filters and membranes.
  8. Clean the storage tank as well with proper instructions as it is where you store clean water.
  9. Be very particular of the fact that you have cleaned and purified all the parts of the purifier. Don’t leave any part of the purifier even if it is small as it can disrupt the normal working of the purifier and the water will not be cleaned thoroughly.
  10. Once all the parts, filters, and membranes are thoroughly cleaned and purified, let them dry completely before fixing them back.
  11. After all the parts are dried, mount all the parts back to their respective places. Be very particular of placing all the parts at the right place for the efficient working of the purifier. Also, be particular so that no part gets broken while installing them back in their position.
  12. Open the water connection after you have successfully installed all the parts at their respective places.
  13. Lastly, allow the storage tank to get filled completely and then drain it completely for the first time. This will allow any sort of residue or contamination to get drained with the water leaving the tank safe for further use.

After it is drained, now you can allow the storage tank to get filled for use.

So, these are some of the essential steps that you should follow to thoroughly clean and purify your Kent water purifier. If you are cleaning your water purifier with proper procedure, your water purifier will remain loyal for the maximum time.


Precautions to take while cleaning the Kent water purifier:

Cleaning the water purifier is an essential process if you want to get purified drinking water without any hassles. There are certain precautions that you should keep in mind while you are cleaning your purifier.

Care enough to know? Here are some of the essential precautions that should be in your mind while cleaning the Kent water purifier:

  • If there is a need to change the filters, always keep your new filters packed until it is the time of replacement.
  • Maintain your own hygiene while cleaning your purifier. Wash your hands or you can wear gloves while cleaning the purifier to maintain proper hygiene and purification during the cleaning process.
  • Make sure there is no surrounding dust, dirt, or pollution in the nearby area where you are cleaning your water purifier.
  • Always follow the mentioned instructions. Don’t try and experiment with anything new while cleaning your water purifier as it can harm the quality and working strength of the purifier.


Final Thoughts:

We all are aware of the condition of drinking water in India, aren’t we? The only thing that can ensure purity and cleanliness of the drinking water is – an effective Kent water purifier.

Can you still compromise on not maintaining the cleanliness of your water purifier?

Cleaning your water purifier is the need of the hour and what can be better than to do it in a proper and detailed manner. Keep in mind all these essential points and the procedure to have a happy cleaning experience of your Kent water purifier.

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