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How To Choose a Perfect Water Purifier

How To Choose Water Purifier

Water is one of the basic necessities for people living all over the world. Food, water, and clothing are three basic needs in life and without water; it is simply not possible for any life to survive on planet earth. Human beings need clean drinking water especially for making food and as drinking water every day.

Freshwater is available in rivers, lakes, reservoirs, and springs all over the world and it needs to be purified for human consumption. Water is a precious commodity in today’s world because of climate change and using clean water is essential for good health.

Many people all over the world today get drinking water on taps which is not clean enough for people to drink. This can cause many health problems and at times even dangerous diseases.


Water Purification

The water purification is a multiple step process and the water that reaches taps often has gone through a basic purification process.

This removes some of the harmful contaminants in the water. However, when the water is tested it is seen that the water that is available on taps for drinking all over the world is not completely pure as many times contaminants remain in the water.

Many people today use water purifiers that can be installed so that the water is as pure as possible and drinking the water or using it to make food does not harm people in any way.


Type of Water Impurities

There are various types of impurities that remain in the water when the water reaches taps. This includes sand, mud and small particles of soil. It also includes various types of chemicals and salts like sodium, potassium, chlorine, calcium, and magnesium. It also includes different types of bacteria, viruses, germs, contaminants, and water-borne diseases.

To get clean drinking water it is essential to install a water purifier. Most people do not know what to look for and how to choose a water purifier as there are so many options available in the market. There are many variables that need to be studied before buying a water purifier. The following are some of the tips to choose the best water purifiers.


Type of Water – A Top Variable in the Water Purifier Decision

The decision to choose the water purifier depends on the type of water that is going to pass through the purifier. It is important to know types of water on the tap and the impurities in the water before buying the water purifier. There are essentially two types of water which are hard water and soft water available on taps.

The level of total dissolved solids or TDS in the water determine the quality and type of water.

The TDS per parts per million or PPM determine the type of water purifier that needs to be bought to make the water pure. Underground water from tankers and bore wells is generally hard water and water from lakes, rivers, and rainwater harvesting systems is soft water.

If the total dissolved solids per PPM are high the water purifier needs to be extremely strong and if it is low a simple water purifier can suffice.


Types of Filter in Different Water Purifiers

There are different types of filters present in different types of water purifiers. There are various sediment filters that are designed to remove coarse sediment impurities.

There are RO and UV filters and membranes and a filter to remover total dissolved solids or TDS. Other filters include germ filters, UV filters, activated carbon filters as well as carbon post filters to remove the smell.

Nowadays, water purifiers are made using advanced technology and it makes water very pure for human consumption.


Types of Water Purifiers Available in the Market

Reverse Osmosis or RO Water Purifier

One of the most popular water purifiers in the market these days is reverse osmosis or RO water purifier. RO is a safe and efficient water purifying process which produces good quality and good tasting water.

In the RO water purifier, the water is forced across the semi-permeable membrane which leaves the contaminants behind and the clean drinking water is then stored in the tanks whereas the contaminants exist the system through the drain.

This type of purifier is simple to maintain, it’s affordable and removes most impurities, pollutants, and contaminants including chemicals, bacteria, viruses, and chlorine. you can get these type of water purifiers on Amazon up to 30% off.


Ultraviolet UV Water Purifiers

This is another environmentally friendly option for people looking for good quality water purifier. An Ultraviolet or UV lamp tube is placed in the water purifier and water runs through this lamp which purifies the water and removes pollutants from the water.

UV filters help in killing water borne-diseases, bacteria, viruses, and other harmful pathogens and germs. This type of water purifiers is also suitable for soft water or water with low content of total dissolved solids of TDS. These types of water purifiers are easy to maintain, have a good purification rate, does not alter the taste of the water and it keeps essential minerals in the water.

A drawback of these types of water purifiers is that it does not remove harmful chemicals from the water. Like RO water purifiers, UV water purifiers are also ideal for only soft water which has a low TDS content.


Ultrafiltration Water Purifiers

Another popular form of water purifiers is the Ultrafiltration or UF water purifier and this water purifier is another top choice for purification of soft water and muddy water. Thin layered membranes act as filters in this water purifier and the water feed passes through these filters which purify the water.

UF water purifiers are a multiple layered purification process and various types of pollutants are removed from the water in these types of water purifiers. Some of the filters include screening filters, sand filters, bacteria filters, micro-filtration filters, virus, and organic filters, and ultra-filtration filters to purify water many times in the filter to produce purified clean drinking water.

This type of water purifier works without electricity, does not use chemicals for purification process, purifies muddy water and removes germs not just kills them.


Activated Carbon Water Purifiers

Activated Carbon is used for water purification all over the world. Activated carbon uses the absorption technique to purify water.

Activated carbon rods are placed inside the water purifiers and the purifiers absorb chemicals, pesticides, chlorine, and heavy metal particles which help purify the water. Activated carbon water purifiers help remove the chemicals in the water which improve the taste and smell of the water.

This type of water purifier does not dissolve salts or remove bacteria and viruses from the water. It needs regular maintenance as bacteria grow on the activated carbon inside the water purifiers which can be harmful to health.


Sediment Filter Water Purifiers

A simple sediment filter water purifier as the name suggests removes all types of solid sediments from the water. The sediment filter is in the form of a pipe style role and the filters are made of cotton, polyester and other types of cloth filter.

These filters are placed surrounding a plastic pipe. Filtered water which is purified as it passes through the cloth filters then enters the pipe and purified water from the pipe is then available for consumption from this type of water filter.

Sediment Filter water purifier helps remove dust, dirt, rust, mud particles, and removes different types of pollutants from the water. The sediment filters are placed in RO and UV water purifiers and this improves the lifespan of these types of water purifiers.


Simple Tap Water Purifiers

A simple tap or faucet water purifiers are very cost effective and a great choice for people who want pure water without buying a large electric water purifier.

Simple tap filters placed on taps have a plastic net and cloth filters which remove mud, worms, dust, and other small sediments and particles that are present in tap water.

There are small tap filters that can be placed on the taps which have different types of inbuilt filters that remove bacteria, viruses, and other types of germs in the drinking water. These tap water purifiers are simple with basic filters and also electric which need to be charged every few days.


Gravity-Based Water Purifiers

Simple gravity-based water purifiers are perfect for people looking for a cost-effective option in water purifiers. This is a non-electric water purifier and can be easily installed in the kitchen. Gravity-based water purifiers have two three compartments from top to bottom.

Water enters the top compartment and passes through various filters to reach the bottom compartment getting purified in the process. By the time it reaches the bottom compartment the pollutants are removed from the water and a tap is installed in the bottom compartment to use the purified water.

These types of water purifiers are easily available in the market and very popular with customers.

The above-mentioned are various details about how to choose the water purifier and the type of water purifiers available in the market. Different types of water and different types of pollutants need different types of water purifiers. While buying the water purifiers it is necessary to study the type of water and pollutant and decide on the best possible option from the ones mentioned above.

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