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Best Inverter Battery in India 2022

Best Inverter Battery in India

There are so many people in the country and around the world that use Inverter batteries. The first advantage that it offers is that it is multi-purpose, and it helps you out during frequent power outage situations. Wherein, your inverter can possibly run out of juice, and you will need a solid backup option.

Therefore, the next section will have some of the best inverter batteries that would serve as your buying guide, and the means to choose the best one among the lot.


Best Inverter Battery in India

These  are 10 Best Inverter Battery in India 2022

  1. Exide IT-500 150AH Tall Tubular Battery
  2. LUMINOUS RC 18000 150 AH Tall Tubular Battery
  3. V-Guard VT160 150 mAh Inverter Tubular Tall Battery
  4. Exide 150Ah New Instabrite Ups Inveter Battery
  5. Amaron Inverter 150Ah Tall Tubular Battery
  6. Luminous ExtraCharge EC18036 150Ah Tall Tubular Battery
  7. Exide Inva Plus Battery 150Ah/12V
  8. Exide SF-Sonic Oriental 12 150AH Inverter Battery
  9. AMARON Inverter 150AH Battery
  10. Exide Tube Master Tubular Battery


How to calculate Inverter Battery Backup Time

One of the biggest worries while buying an inverter battery would be the amount of backup that it will originally offer. Generally, this would not be explained to you by the shop owner or by anyone, you will have to research it on your own. Another one of the possible reasons would be that even they do not know how the calculations take place.

There is a simple formula which lets you calculate the backup time easily, which is,

Battery Backup Time = Battery Voltage x Battery AH Rating / Total Watts on Load.

For instance, if you have a 12V battery, the total power loss is 145 watts, and you have a 150AH Battery. Then the backup time would be,

Battery Backup Time = 12V x 150AH / 145 = 12.41 hours.

This is an approximate value for it since there would be energy losses as well. But the formula is a perfect one, and it can be used when you go to buy the inverter battery.


Top 10 Best Inverter Battery in India

Exide IT-500 150AH Tall Tubular Battery

Exide IT-500 150AH Tall Tubular Battery is the Best Inveter Battery in India 2022 for Home Use

This is one of the best Inverter batteries that Exide has to offer among its collection. The Inva tubular 500 is one of the ultimate inverter batteries that provides a solid amount of backup and is a great value for money.

It is one of the premium range of products that packs in a unique specification set. The product exuberates a lot of toughness containing thicker plates as compared to other batteries in this range.

The Inva Tubular is the next generation battery set which is crafted just for you. Also, it is created to take in a lot more power surges and cuts without an issue. The plates that have been mentioned serve this purpose to withstand frequent power problems.

It is also designed to have a long life giving you an optimum amount of backup and a great battery voltage. It also weighs in fairly well, and you can get a doorstep service once you order the same.

Another advantageous factor for this product would be its increased level of Electrolytes per Ampere Hour which would be the amount of energy stored away in the battery allowing an ampere an hour of current inside the device. This allows an increased amount of efficiency.

Let us take a look at some of the feature sets described below.


  • The battery type is IT500 allowing the maximum amount of backup and efficiency.
  • Total dimensions for this product would be 500 * 187 * 416 making it nominally meager in terms of size.
  • Gives you a total warranty of about 60 months.
  • A nominal amount of weight which ranges upto 59.8 kilograms.
  • Gives a battery voltage of 12 volts.
  • It comes under the premium Inverter Segment, and it has the brand assurance of Exide to go for.


Luminous RC 18000 150AH Tall Tubular Battery

LUMINOUS RC 18000 150 AH Tall Tubular Battery

It is the trust of the brand that makes this product stand tall, and in the list of the best battery inverters in the collection. Luminous’ Red Charge 18000 lives up to its name and provides the best in class service with respect to its quality and its varied feature set.

The 18000 basically comes in with tall tubular battery composition and is a great choice in this price range. Plus, it is created out of a special alloy mixture protecting the lead part of the battery from any kind of external and natural intrusions like rust and incessant corrosion.

The battery is wholesome and completely uniform in structure, and it ensures that the users get the best out of it. It also gives a high-quality performance, the charging capacity is high, and its life is longer than most of its variants in this collection.

Owing to all this, it also consumes a lesser amount of power which would, in turn, save up a lot of power, and that would save up on your electricity bills as well. Plus, it’s more rugged in terms of construction, also ensures that it can take in incessant power surges and electricity cuts.


  • It comes in with a 150AH battery capacity, and the total voltage of about 12 volts.
  • The construction is a twin tubular one, and the plates are robust making it great for usage.
  • It also ensures that the maintenance costs are low because of the low quantity of low antimony alloy usage.
  • It is great for using at places which experience marginally too long power cuts and outages.
  • It also gives you great overcharge tolerance levels, and it comes in with a factory charge battery that can be used immediately.


V-Guard VT160 150mAH Inverter Tubular Tall Battery

V-Guard VT160 150 mAh Inverter Tubular Tall Battery

This is another one from the top 10 collection of inverter batteries that provides the best in class specification set. It is the V-Guard VT160 battery that blends in perfectly with the inverter of the same Company providing you with a limitless power source, and a great amount of backup too.

It is not like the batteries would work well with the inverter of the same company, but it would work well with others too. The total amount of backup capacity that it has would be about 3.3 hours to as maximum as 54 hours.

The battery backup capacity mentioned above would be with respect to the amount of load which is connected with the UPS.

Once it has been charged completely, the overall gravity of the electrolyte present inside of it would be of the maximum capacity. This gives you an unrelenting supply of power and a great amount of backup too.

The mechanism that is utilized in these batteries provides a consistent and uninterrupted supply of power since it is highly efficient and powered up. Even the total maintenance cost required for the product would be comparatively lower than normal.


  • The product contains a high pressured casted positive spine that is devoid of any blow holes and contains a finer grain structure.
  • The total dimensions for this would be 505 * 190 * 415mm, and the optimum weight for this would be 54 kilograms.
  • It provides excellent performance during ambient conditions.
  • Owing to its ruggedly constructed positive plates in the tubular fashion, it gives the product a longer life and a lot more endurance than normal.
  • The costs required for maintenance is lower, and it is termed as nature-friendly as well because of less generation.


Exide 150Ah New Instabrite UPS Inverter Battery

Exide 150Ah New Instabrite UPS Inverter Battery

Another beautiful product by Exide, and it has gained a lot of positive acclaim from a lot of users. Exide’s New Instabrite collection of 150Ah UPS Inverter Battery is on a level on its own.

The power backup that exuberated out of it is increased than normal, and it is available at prices that would be affordable than most products of this range. It also ensures that you get an uninterrupted supply of power in the bleakest of environments possible.

Exide’s Instabrite is constructed keeping in mind the demands made by many on elevating its efficiency and maintenance levels. Therefore, Exide gives you a product that comes in with an advanced Hybrid Technology.

Also, it is best placed and made to withstand high-temperature ranges, thanks to its smartly crafted thick plated construction along with an amalgamation of special paste to it.

It also contains a specialized hybrid alloy that contributes to lesser loss of water and dual plate separation which gives lower maintenance levels in terms of costs. It also decreases the eventual possibility of premature power failures too.


  • The total dimensions that are provided for the product would be 508 * 222 * 257mm.
  • The optimum weight for this product is comparatively lesser, which is about 41 kilograms.
  • The battery type provided for the same would be IB1500, and the product comes in with a total warranty for 36 months.
  • It also contains levels to measure the amount of electrolyte present in it.
  • Plus, it has molded handles which gives you easier and accurate handling.
  • The lids present over it are top vented and they contain anti-splash guards which let you handle the product easily.
  • The product provides instant brightness levels along with an affordable great price range which is best for many.


Amaron Inverter 150Ah Tall Tubular Battery

Amaron Inverter 150Ah Tall Tubular Battery

One of the most premium companies in this business is Amaron, and it has been making inverter batteries for as long as we can remember. The footprint of this product is much higher than expected, and many users have given critical acclaim to it.

The Amaron Inverter 150Ah completely works on a heat resistant ultra-modified alloy which would be used for the grids. The material is of the highest quality which makes it preferable to use it on any inverter of any known company without any hitches.

After the battery gets charged up completely, it would give you an enormous amount of backup. Plus, it can even take up the heavy loads after the power cuts come into the picture. It can take up the mantle of 3-4 appliances with relative ease.

It has a superior vent design of the greatest quality, and it does not face issues like the leakage of acid or the formation of mist. This normally happens due to third-grade vents, which is not the case here.

Also, it can resist a lot of heat which is very favorable when it comes to places that experience a lot of heat and humidity. It also requires a lower amount of water than normal, so you can be devoid of that worry too.


  • The product weighs around 62 kilograms which is a bit more than normal.
  • The product dimensions would be 356 * 305 * 279mm.
  • It is highly durable and rugged and can experience and combat a lot of pressure owing to external elements.
  • Gives an unrelenting power supply of about 15-25 hours.
  • It is also rustproof owing to the fact that the product is made completely out of calcium and modified hybrid alloys.


Luminous ExtraCharge EC18036 150Ah Tall Tubular Battery

Luminous ExtraCharge EC18036 150Ah Tall Tubular Battery

Another great product with respect to Luminous and this is a great product that packs in a lot of power.

The Luminous ExtraCharge EC18036 brings in the newest tubular battery in the collection, and it is the best choice for the inverters. The battery basically comes in with a plate design that is balanced, and it gives an improved charge acceptance.

It also recovers well owing to a perfect deep discharge recovery rate. It also contains an inter-partition connection which helps out to maintain low internal resistance, and a good change acceptance as well.

The tubular battery has been designed to take in a heavy number of loads, and it has the life expectancy of about 1250 cycles. The depth of discharge at the same rate is about 80% which makes it the best option in areas that experience regular power outages.

Also, the product has been designed to resist high corrosion issues owing to its rugged spine technology. The ExtraCharge uses HADI high-pressure spine casting machines, ensuring that the grain structure remains fine.

The product is an epitome of long life, reliability, and a good amount of strength to it too.


  • The product has about 150Ah capacity along with a battery of about 12 volts.
  • It is highly resistant to corrosion problems, and it provides an increased amount of efficiency and reliability.
  • The EC18036 provides uniform distribution of positive active material. This would give it a long life, and better performance.
  • Increased charge acceptance, and a longer amount of backup capacity.
  • The product is meant to be, and is extra strong and has a flexible oxidation resistant gauntlet. This ensures that it gives you great performance and relatively long life.
  • The inclusion of puncture resistant polyethylene separator decreases short circuit problems


Exide Inva Plus Battery 150Ah/12V

Exide Inva Plus Battery 150Ah 12V

This is another product from Exide that is a value for money since this is a generalized version of the battery for the inverters.

The Exide Inva Plus Battery comes in with a varied set of specifications that are marginal at best. It is designed for those who do not expect much and would need a balanced set of specifications for their homes.

The product comes in within the economical range which is excellent news for those who are not looking out to spend more. But rather a decent enough backup power would suffice in their case.

Another important advantage that it offers a surprisingly fair amount of backup, therefore, withstanding any frequent power surges. It can even be used due to the eventuality of long power cuts.

The Inva Plus Battery also offers an elevated number of cycles per second at optimum rates. This also increases its charging capacity and can be used frequently during times of long power cuts.

It is mostly made for families who do not expect much, but rather a stabilized power backup and with a touch of the premium too. Even the weight is on the lower margin as compared to the inverter batteries at this price range.

We would now be taking a look at some of the features that make this product unique from others.


  • The product comes under the set of IP1500 as per the official Exide Trademark.
  • The entire product is crafted out of plastic which makes it comparatively light in weight. Also, the inner workings are constructed out of lead acid.
  • All of the Exide batteries are embellished with a bright red color.
  • The Company also provides a standard warranty of 24 months which is preferable in terms of any external wear and tear, and any other points which come under their ambit.


Exide SFSonic Oriental 12V 150Ah Inverter Battery

Exide SFSonic Oriental 12V 150Ah Inverter Battery

This is a product from the newest Company in the list, SF Sonic. The Company is into creating inverter batteries for homes, for automobiles, and it boasts a countrywide service for their products with 100% efficiency.

The SF Sonic presents the Oriental Collection of batteries that are, generally speaking, state of the art and crafted with precision. These can be utilized anywhere and everywhere with respect to your requirements.

Since the Company only believes in using technology that is cutting edge, there is essentially zero room for error in their case.

The Oriental offers Lead Antimony caps which act as the polarities for the battery. Because of the type of material used here, it ensures maximum performance, even in contexture environmental conditions.

The construction is rugged which it makes a favorable choice to use it without a problem. It contains PE Envelope and Glassmet Separator materials which prevent any active materials from corroding away. This ensures a longer battery life.

The Sonic Oriental also has increased charge retention capacity and has a higher shelf life as well. The shelf life remains constant even during conditions when it is not being used.


  • The Oriental is a perfect match for transparent usage across multiple verticals like SUVs, trucks, tractors, two-wheelers, and so on and so forth.
  • Increased performance at high-temperature areas leading to a more rugged usage.
  • Comparatively longer life with respect to inverter batteries at this price range.
  • The plates in the product are heavily constructed which gives it increased endurance. This would mean higher resistance against power outages.
  • It recharges rather quickly from the state of deep discharge. This would prevent any losses that might occur during infrequent load shedding.


Amaron CR-150AH Inverter 150Ah Battery 

AMARON Inverter 150AH Battery (Black, AMARON CR 150AH)

This is another great product by Amaron which has been rated highly by many of the customers and frequent users. The Amaron Inverter 150Ah battery is on a level of its own, as we would see in the subsequent sections.

Since many of the areas in the country face issues with respect to the power cuts and outages. Therefore, Amaron gives close to 24 months of warranty with the product.

Since many of the users depend upon their inverter batteries to address the problem of frequent power losses and cuts, the Amaron Inverter 150Ah battery fulfills this disadvantage.

Another advantageous factor that it offers would be its seamless connectivity with the inverters of different brands. This ensures that there would be no loss of power, and you can enjoy a hassle-free experience.

The Amaron Inverter 150Ah Battery contains a highly heat resistant calcium and an ultra-modified alloy material which is used for creating the battery grids.

These grids make sure of one important fact. It ensures that the users do not need to worry about any wasted maintenance costings. Due to its highly advantageous factors, Amaron provides these products with cutting edge technology giving you the peace of mind that the users so richly deserve.


  • The total weight for this product would be 45 kilograms which are comparatively lighter than many in this range.
  • Amaron also gives 2 years warranty on this product for prevention against any voltage fluctuations and power outages.
  • The product is made out of heat resistant calcium material and a modified alloy for the grids which would ensure that the maintenance costs required for this would be lower than expected.
  • Amaron also provides onsite warranty on their products which is another important factor that needs to be kept into consideration.



Exide Tube Master Tubular Battery

Exide Tube Master Tubular Battery

This is another one of the Exide’s creations and this is again one of the balanced sets of inverter batteries in existence.

The Exide Tube Master Tubular Battery requires very low maintenance owing to the specialized hybrid alloy system.

Plus, the Company also provides higher reliability and increased cycle life. The reason for this would be its ribbed free polyethylene pocket-based separator with textured glass mat.

It also contains double-clad protecting the product against infrequent internal short circuit problems. It is again made up of thick plated construction along with an amalgamation of specialized paste.

The hybrid alloy system that is encapsulated inside the system to resist any issues owing to ambient operating conditions.

It can be maintained easily with no additional costs as well. It contains bolted type terminals that are fitted away with shrouds for easily connecting with them.

The Exide Tube Master Tubular Battery also has the feature of instant charging. It contains an ambient indication sensor called the Magic Eye which ensures that you don’t have to open the plugs.

The product also takes care that there are no leakages and fume problems. It side vents with minute pores with filters attached to them ensure minimum issues due to it.


  • The battery type used over here would be TM500L.
  • The product can be taken easily for recommissioning if needed directly from the factory.
  • The maintenance costs required for this product are lower than normal, and they can be relied upon heavily.
  • It can even withstand high temperatures with relative ease because of the hybrid alloy system in place.
  • The Magic Eye present in it shows the indication levels of charging.
  • The product is highly reliable and it has even got an extended life cycle preventing therefore against internal short circuit problems.


FAQs for Inverter Batteries:

How to check Inverter Battery Health?

The inverter battery health basically depends upon its voltage levels. So, the devices which can be used for the same would be either a multi-meter, voltmeter or a wattmeter. The battery should not be connected to any appliances, and then begin testing it with either of the aforementioned devices.


How to Fill water in the inverter battery?

Generally, the type of water that is used for filling up the battery needs to be distilled. Open the cap on the top of your battery which contains a small inlet for letting the water in. You can fill it with a glass or any means available with you. Some of the models contain indicators that let you know the amount of water filled in at present.


Difference between Solar Battery and Inverter Battery?

Solar Battery –Sun is a source of energy that is literally never-ending, and we have successfully tapped into the potential of harnessing it successfully. Solar Batteries normally are deep cycles ones and they use photovoltaic cells to accumulate and therefore dissipate the energy that they possess. The maintenance required is very high.

Inverter Battery –Inverter Batteries are mainly lead-acid ones which requires little to no maintenance. Also, the life of these batteries is comparatively longer and it doesn’t get affected by external elements. But the efficiency in comparison with solar batteries is way lower than the former. This would result in wastage of current, and other factors would come in accordingly.



The Exide IT-500 150Ah Tall Tubular Battery emerges as the clear winner among the list mentioned above. Primary reasons are basically because of its richly featured specification set and its value for money as well.

Customers can definitely go for this because of its consistency and efficiency and also owing to its affordable price range.

Please do comment below on whatever you feel like after reading this exhaustive guide for suggestions and your findings.

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