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10 Best Pure & Organic Honey in India By Top Brands (2022)

Best Honey in India

Wouldn’t it be great to find one single ingredient that can solve the maximum of your daily needs – be it in cooking or health?

If you are confused about that product, we are talking about – honey. Honey is one such versatile ingredient whose benefits are not just limited to kitchen but it offers amazing benefits for skincare, weight loss, hair care, etc.

Would it be worth buying any local honey? NO!

You should be very particular in choosing only the best honey in India so as to be sure of getting all its splendid benefits. But, the immense number of honey options available in the market can make the selection really difficult.

Don’t worry; we have a solution for this as well. We have shortlisted some options of the best honey in India that can offer great value for your money.


Top 10 Best Honey in India (Pure & Organic)

Dyu Pure Artisanal Honey:

Dyu Pure Artisanal Honey

The first name that we have mentioned in our list of the best honey in India is Dyu Pure Artisanal Honey. It is one of the purest and healthiest honey options that you can rely on.

You can use this honey as a natural sweetener for making all your juices, mocktails, and other energy drinks. It adds the desired taste in your drinks without adding any extra calories in the drinks. Besides being a natural sweetener in the drinks, it can also be used with a variety of eatables like bread, roti, etc.

Along with this, you can also trust this product for getting some fantastic health benefits as well. It can be used to treat cough, cold and bad throat without any adverse effects on the health.

This product is made by naturally extracting the Apis Cerana Indica honey and thus is kept away from any kind of artificial chemicals or preservatives.


  • It is made with a natural extraction process
  • Free from artificial preservatives and chemicals
  • Effectively used for immense health benefits
  • Acts as a natural sweetener in drinks along with many eatable items
  • Comes in a simple and decent yet attractive packaging




The next name – INDIGENOUS HONEY is one unfiltered, unprocessed and unpasteurized honey that comes loaded with its amazing benefits. It is Ayurvedic honey and thus can be trusted for its authenticity and reliability without any doubts.

One of the major benefits of this honey is that it can be used for weight loss and other health needs. It can treat a cold, cough, and bad throat. As it is an Ayurvedic remedy, it causes no adverse effects or side effects on the body.

Along with this, you can also rely on this natural honey to offer its extreme benefits for skincare and for improving the hair quality. Its regular use in your diet can also be beneficial for improving the digestion of the users.

Interestingly, you can get different flavours for this honey such as mustard, berry, Ajwain, sesame, coriander, fennel, and babool. You can choose any flavour of your choice amongst the available options and get all the amazing benefits with an amazing taste.


  • It is a pure, unfiltered, unprocessed and unpasteurized product
  • Available in different flavours
  • Offers many health benefits including weight loss
  • Also improves the digestive power of its users with regular use


Dabur Honey:

Dabur Honey

Dabur is one trusted brand names in the market that is known for delivering high-quality and pure products. The brand has been in the market for many years and thus a reputation of delivering all beneficial natural and pure products at an affordable price range.

This organic sugar can be your best substitute for sugar and as a result, prevents many health risks. You can have 1 tablespoon of this honey with warm water for your weight loss needs.

Another important benefit of this product is that it improves immunity as it is enriched with effective antioxidants. Its regular use also improves the functioning of the heart. It is a rich source of nutrients that can offer several health benefits along with improving the energy levels of the users.

This honey is obtained from the Himalayan forest and Sundarbans in its natural and pure form. There aren’t any chemicals or preservatives in this product which makes it one of the most popularly selling products amongst the users.


  • Trusted name to improve immunity and heart functioning
  • Can keep you active and energetic with high energy levels
  • Regular use can help in weight loss
  • A suitable substitute for sugar; adds no extra calories


Zandu Pure Honey:

Zandu Pure Honey

You can completely trust the purity of the Zandu pure honey as it is prepared with detailed supervision in a German laboratory. This natural honey is extracted from the indigenous honey-keepers of Himalayas, Coorg, Sundarbans, and Muzaffarpur without adding any harmful chemicals or preservatives.

It has 0% of added sugar and thus is one trusted name for effective weight management. With its regular use, you can be sure of losing all your extra kilos. As it is completely sugar-free, you can use this product to get amazing flavours without gaining any extra calories.

Along with weight management, this product can also be trusted for getting many other health benefits. It can effectively treat cough, cold and bad throat along with strengthening the immunity and metabolism.

This product is also available at an affordable price range and therefore, can be bought by any user to get some amazing benefits. Thanks to its benefits, you can surely substitute sugar with this product for a healthy lifestyle.


  • Extracted directly from honey-keepers from the Himalayas
  • Trusted remedy for weight management
  • Contains 0% of sugar and thus doesn’t add any extra calories
  • Offers health benefits with enhancing the immunity and metabolism


Apis Himalaya Honey:

Apis Himalaya Honey

The next name on our list of the best honey in India is Apis Himalaya Honey. It is a certified product that guarantees its authenticity and reliability along with the proper safety for its consumptions.

The regular consumption of this product indicates a clear and evident improvement in health benefits. It improves the immunity of the users along with stabilizing the digestive strength of your body. Besides being a trusted name for cooking, you can also use this honey for your skincare and hair care needs without worrying about any allergies or side effects.

There are also benefits with weight management as it helps in reducing the extra kilos very efficiently. It also ensures the healthy and stable functioning of the heart with minimal health risks and problems.

Last but not least, this product can be a delicious replacement of sugar in your routine that can boost the energy levels to keep you active throughout the day. So, when are you adding this honey in your daily routine?


  • Certified product; safe to consume without any side effects
  • Available in a delicious taste
  • Boosts the energy levels of the users for an active lifestyle
  • Can also be trusted for skincare and hair care needs


Organic India Wild Forest Honey:

Best Honey in India

The next honey that we have included in our list is Organic India Wild Forest Honey. It is, undoubtedly, one of the smoothest and delicious honey options available in the market. It is irresistible to miss the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

The first quality of this honey that makes it distinguished is its irresistible fragrance. Along with the fragrance, you will find this honey enriched with various nutrients and minerals that combines to improve the health of the users.

This honey can be your natural source of energy that can keep you active throughout the day. It also helps in strengthening immunity which further works in favour of enhancing its user’s health conditions. Other than this, you can always rely on this honey for several amazing skin and hair care benefits.

Lastly, you can be sure of the purity and naturalness of this product as it is directly extracted from the forests of Himalayas. Further, no harmful chemicals or preservatives are added in this product which makes it even more tempting and appealing.


  • Extracted from the natural source and thus is organic and pure
  • Strengthens the immunity with health improvement
  • Free from chemicals and preservatives
  • Enriched with essential nutrients and minerals


Leaf & Nectar Raw Organic Honey:

Leaf & Nectar Raw Organic Honey

If you are looking for a raw organic honey option, then you cannot miss trusting this Leaf & Nectar Raw Organic Honey. It is one of the best unfiltered, unprocessed, and unpasteurized natural honey options that are popular amongst the users.

Talking about this honey, it is an Ayurvedic remedy that shows instant and effective results for weight loss. Its regular consumption with warm water can help you lose all your extra kilos without any hassles. Apart from this, it can be combined with other natural ingredients like ginger to be an effective health remedy.

This honey is pretty amazing to offer its benefits to improve the digestion strength of the users. It works directly to treat the digestive disorders and as a result, brings instant results. Its natural goodness is also trusted to improve the health conditions along with deep skincare benefits.

You can consume this honey at any time of the day without dealing with the problem of after taste. It will surely keep your life and mouth happy and satisfied.


  • Unfiltered, unprocessed and unpasteurized natural honey
  • Available in delicious subtle taste without any after taste issues
  • Improves digestion strength of the users
  • Trusted name to cure health issues like cough, bad throat, etc.


DADEV Unprocessed Raw Honey:

DADEV Unprocessed Raw Honey

The DADEV Unprocessed Raw Honey is one of those few that come with high pollen counts. The brand ensures to come with high-quality products that can deliver several needed benefits to the users.

The regular consumption of this raw unprocessed organic honey assures the users to improve their immunity and metabolism. It also works in its best way to strengthen the proper functioning of the heart. You can also see some positive improvements with the digestion as it helps to cure the digestive disorder.

It brings all its benefits straight from nature without any alteration or addition of the harmful chemicals or preservatives. Make sure to get all its benefits for your skincare and for hydrating your hair in the best possible manner. You can have this money with a glass of warm water to get all its amazing benefits that will surely impress you with time.

In fact, it is the high quality and extreme purity of the product that sets it apart from the other products available in the market.


  • High-quality and pure product with several benefits
  • Helps in improving the immunity and heart functioning of the users
  • Improves digestion with regular consumption
  • Suitable to be used for skin care and as a hydrating hair mask


MERLION NATURALS Multi-flora Organic Raw Honey:

MERLION NATURALS Multi-flora Organic Raw Honey

Making its position to the list, we have another amazing raw and organic honey which is extremely beneficial for gut health. The MERLION NATURALS Multi-flora Organic Raw Honey is enriched with essential prebiotic nutrients which can prove truly beneficial for improving gut health without any hassles.

It contains all the essential nutrients and 22 amino acids that are needed for a healthy lifestyle. Its consumption helps in improving the digestive power of the body. Besides this, it can also effectively cure cough, cold, and similar health issues. It can easily be combined with other ingredients to boost its performance.

You will also be impressed with its benefits to improve the immune health of the users. It lets your body and heart function properly in their best manner. You can consume it with warm water and clearly witness a glow in your skin.

Its application proves effective in reducing the signs of aging along with wrinkles and fine lines. It can make your skin look youthful and radiant within no time of its use.


  • Organic raw honey enriched with essential nutrients and 22 amino acids
  • Helps in strengthening the digestion power
  • Reduces signs of aging with fine lines and wrinkles
  • Can add radiant glow on your face


Patanjali Honey:

Best Honey in India

Last but not least, we have Patanjali Honey on our list of the best honey in India. It is quite hard to miss out mentioning the brand – Patanjali, when we are talking about quality and pure products. The brand has become one of the trusted names amongst the users, right after its inception in the market.

To begin with, this product is enriched with effective antiseptic properties that ensure the users get dedicated health benefits without any hassles. It showers its benefits to heal the wounds quickly along with purifying the blood. It is also very useful in treating bad throat, cold, and cough.

Along with this, the regular use of this product can be trusted to help its users with effective weight loss. It can be mixed with other natural ingredients for reducing wrinkles, fine lines, early signs of aging, and other skincare benefits.

If you are looking for pure and natural honey, with all its benefits, at the lowest affordable price possible, then this Patanjali product should be your choice.


  • Available with effective antiseptic properties for delivering the best health benefits
  • Purifies the blood with quick wound healing
  • Dedicated for weight management; helps to shed extra kilos
  • Can control early signs of aging with wrinkles, fine lines, etc.



A carefully chosen honey can be your secret for a healthy lifestyle and therefore, we would like to recommend Dyu Pure Artisanal Honey to our readers.

This naturally extracted honey is one of the best to offer many health benefits to its users. It can also be used for preparing several health drinks and for other cooking needs. Without any second thoughts, you can rely on this chemical and preservative-free honey for all your needs.

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