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Best Hair Straightener in India 2022

Best Hair Straightener In India

Though people often say that we should present ourselves the way we are, instead of pretending what we are not. Hold on! Does it mean that people should stop indulging in fashion trends? Of course not, the saying means that we should not belie our true character which means that you can alter your looks any way you want. The face is the first point of contact at any gathering, and hair is an essential feature of our personality because hairstyles make people look more tidy and attractive.

For men and women, who prefer straightened hair when it comes to stepping out, and letting down their hair a bit, the best hair straightener comes quite handy. The information on this page about how to find the best hair straightener in India and other essential tips will help women immensely to attend events at their best.


Best Hair Straightener in India

These are 10 Best Hair Straightener in India 2022:

  1. Philips HP8318/00 KeraShine Hair Straightener
  2. Philips HP8316/00 KeraShine Hair Straightener
  3. Braun ES 3 Satin Hair 3 ST-310 Ceramic Flat Iron
  4. Babyliss PRO Nano Titanium 1-Inch Hair Straightener
  5. Infiniti Pro by Conair 1 1/2 inch Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron
  6. Philips Multi-Hair Styler Kit (BHH811)
  7. Philips KeraShine Hair Straightener (BHS386)
  8. Havells HS-4101 Ceramic Flat Iron
  9. Philips HP8302 Essential Salon Style Selfie Straightener
  10. Nova NHS 860 Professional Hair Straighteners


Best Hair Straightener in India 2022

Philips Hp8318/00 Kerashine Temperature Control


Philips Hp8318/00 Kerashine Temperature Control, Best Hair Straightener in India 2022


One of the most reliable brands, Philips is ready to embed the stars on the beauty of the girls by Philips Hp8318/00 Kerashine Straightener. This straightener has a sleek and stylish outlook along with silk pro care unique feature which makes it the best hair straightener.

The purple color with polka dots makes it mesmerizing not by the functions but by looks too. It contains 1.8 meters long heating cord which is a perfect size because then we can be safe from burning our hands from the sharp sides.

Along with this, its plates are extra wide to do effortless heating even for the long and heavy hairs with the snap of a finger. Then comes the temperature of straightener which can be controlled by 2-settings so that the girls can adjust the heat as per their need.

You do not need to wait for a long span to get the sufficient heat as it takes only 60 seconds to show the effect. Now, when we start focusing at the price of the product, it may seem a bit high, but it is also a fact that spending more dimes for better services will never hurt a pocket.


Philips HP8316/00 Kerashine Hair Straightener


Best Hair Straightener In India 2022, Philips HP8316/00 Kerashine Hair Straightener


To get the glowing and smooth hair, Philips HP8316/00 Kerashine Hair Straightener is a perfect pick. It consists of gliding plates which make it easy to iron the hairs. The plates are wide enough for good styling. Due to which it is the best hair straightener in India.

The more width of these assists the ladies by heating these faster so that no time can get wasted. Along with which, it contains 1.8 meters long cord for the safety of the hands so that we can never end up burning fingers with the heating cords.

The temperature that has been set in the straightener is 210°C which is quite an average temperature to iron the hairs, so girls need not bother adjusting it. Coupled with this, the straightener is equipped with the Keratin which is best when comes to hairstyling.

As the straightener consists of Keratin Ceramic coating to maintain the shine and beauty of your hairs, so it is quite obvious that you will have to pay a good amount for this. The meritorious qualities of the straightener are worth to be paid good. So, if you are seeking one, then it can be a perfect choice to be made.


Braun ES 3 Satin Hair 3 ST-310 Hair Straightener with Extra Wide Ceramic Plates


Best Hair Straightener in Indi, Braun ES 3 Satin Hair 3 ST-310 Hair Straightener with Extra Wide Ceramic Plates


The Braun Satin Hair 3 – ST 310 – Hair Straightener is quite round from the front corners along with having a net-like structure there so that grip can be strong. Along with this, it has 1.5″ wider plates which are highly assistive in effortless heating and hairstyling.

Then comes the addition of ceramic coating in the plates which makes the gliding easier than ever. When we count for the best hair straightener in India, then it tops the line as it is helpful in healthy ironing instead of damaging the hairs.

This straightener consists of 13 settings for temperature which are very hard to get in any straightener. The way it helps in making the heat adjustment flawless for the ladies as per their hair length and volume, it can be considered as the best hair straightener.

When we consider the price of this straightener as deciding factor in the purchase, then we cannot ignore the facilities we are getting with it. The way it keeps the shine of the hair maintained, it can be affordable at any cost.


Babyliss PRO Nano Titanium 1-Inch Hair Straightener

Best Hair Straightener, Babyliss PRO Nano Titanium 1-Inch Hair Straightener


The baby size BaByliss Pro Nano Titanium Mini Straightener is very easy to carry as it is light in weight. It contains the rectangular and plane shape from outside which makes it look amazing with the sky blue color to make it fall under the category of the best hair straightener.

In addition to that, it is manufactured with the titanium and ceramic plates which are highly helpful in use. The titanium equipped into it assists in making the product durable and working well for a long span which is coupled with ceramic that brings shine into the hair.

Titanium is also helpful in keeping your straightener away from rust. Then comes its feature of temperature control which can fasten the heat up to 440°F. But, that is even for good because you need not take the toil of sudden changes of temperature into mind.

Along with this, you will be glad to know that even being the exported product, it does not have much high price demand. As it consists of lots of benefits, that is why we must not hesitate to spend money on this valuable product. After all, we will not have to compromise hair health.


Infiniti Pro by Conair 1 1/2 inch Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron


Infiniti Pro by Conair 1 1/2 inch Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron


Having diamond studded body, Infiniti Pro by Conair 1 1/2 inch Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron has a mind-blowing design. The maroon colored body adds definition to its beauty along with which the sleek and round design from its corners make it easy for a strong grip.

Along with this, its size of 1 1/2 inch is quite perfect as it is not much longer to hold and not much small to burn your hands. Its plates are very smooth to make the gliding on the hair easier than ever and its ceramic plates for maintaining the texture of the hair good.

As per the customer reviews, this can be considered as the best hair straightener in India as its LED temperature settings can heat the plates within 10 seconds only. Thus, you will not have to put head-scratching efforts into waiting for the plates to get hot for your hairstyling.

The comfort that one can get after owing this highly assistive straightener is not costly to grab at any cost. Thus, if you are thinking or planning to buy the best hair straightener, then you can go for it without any second thought.


Philips KeraShine Hair Straightener (BHS386)


Best Hair Straightener in India, Best Hair Straightener in Philips


Highly brimmed with lots of advantages, Philips BHS386 Kera Shine Straightener is perfect to be grabbed. The reason behind it is that the straightener has a 1.6-meter long heating cord which is quite safe to use and the rectangular design which makes it look awesome.

It is equipped with SlikPro technology which makes the less heat to expose so that there must not be any finger burning or the hands. Its plates are quite long in size due to which ladies can get the benefit of easy and fast heating of the product along with hair styling.

When we check the name of the best hair straightener in India, then this straightener grabs the top place in the list. It can be evident by the two professional settings of temperature which can assist you in heating your straightener’s plates up to 210°C in 60 seconds when you are in a rush.

The Kera shine is not easy to get as it can save your hairs from destroying and maintaining the same smoothness that you have. But, if you are getting Kera Shine in this product, then you must not think even twice before buying this product as it is worthy of your money.


Philips Multi-Hair Styler Kit (BHH811)

Philips Kerashine Hair Straightener Review

The black colored Philips straightener raises the standards of your equipment collection as it comes up as a combo pack in which you can style your hair in ten different ways about which you can get the idea from the style guide.

The product package contains three styling accessories which can assist you in styling your hair either by curls or by straightening them. The impressive size and shape of the products tend to make it considered as the best hair straightener in India.

So, either you want to get the loose curls or the shiny and smooth hairs, the 1.25-inch barrel is highly assistive in that. It is protected with a ceramic coating which is sufficient to maintain the wellness of your hair rather than destroying them with the extra heat.

You can get the temperature of the plates of straightener heated up to 210°C so you need not wait much as you can get the straightener ready to use within a short span of 60 seconds only.

It is equipped with one technology with which you can replace the attachments effortlessly. Every other lady will be envious of your shiny hair if you grab this attractive deal with full throttle where you are getting more than one accessories in single price.


Havells HS-4101 Ceramic Flat Iron

Havells HS-4101 Ceramic Flat Iron

Havells has garnered immense repute in the market owing to the quality it offers in its product which is evident in this hair straightener. It comes with ceramic coated plates that make it easy to glide through the hair and heat up quickly which braces the user to use it on the hair efficaciously.

It takes around 45 seconds to heat up which means you will be straightening your hair in no moments when you turn it on which is quite good for this product. The highest temperature that the product reaches is 210°C which is perfect for any standard hair straightening.

Floating plates of the product empower the user to move it through the hair easily. The product is quite remarkable in rendering the user with root to tip hair straightening which means uniformity throughout the hair.

The size of the ceramic coated plates 25*120 mm is suitable to be used with any length of hair and get flawless results. Another aspect that makes this product the best hair straightener is the plates lock system used in it that ensures the safety of the plates during packing and travelling so that you can enjoy its services for a long time.


Philips HP8302 Essential Salon Style Selfie Straightener


Philips Kerashine Hair Straightener Review, Philips Hair Straightener


Philips is a well-known brand in the field of electronic gadgets, and its hair straighteners are used worldwide owing to the safe technology used in them. The reason why this product is the best hair straightener in India is that Slikpro care provided by the plates limits the exposure to a temperature which retains the strength and shine of the hair.

Ceramic plates have been utilized in this product that built the required temperature instantly and assist in smooth gliding through the hair. The product works at a temperature of 210°C which is the most suitable temperature for hair straightening.

It heats up quickly and generates the required temperature in 60 seconds which means the user will be ready to treat their hair in a minute. The plates of the product are of size 19*85mm which make it suitable for any length of hair.

What’s more? Well, once you are done straightening your hair with this product, your hair will remain in the position for 2-3 hours as the product supports temporary hair straightening only, not permanent. If you desire to have straightened hair so that you can step out for a quick around and be back in 2-3 hours, then this is the product for you.


Nova NHS 860 Professional Hair Straighteners

Nova NHS 860 Professional slaon Hair Straighteners

This hair straightener by Nova has been stealing the limelight ever since it hit the market. It features easy to access what has made it one of the best hair straightener. It has all the reasons to be conferred this tag on it.

Ceramic coating of the plates heats up the straightener in a jiffy which prepares the users to be ready to get their hair treated promptly. Its instant heating up is evident by the fact that it takes 30 seconds to be used on the hair.

It is often suggested that a hair straightener should not be used on wet hair as it can lead to the damaging of hair, but this product is suitable to be used on wet hair. It does not mess with the strength and smoothness of your hair anyway.

Customization of the heat settings empowers the user to adjust the heat as they please. The temperature of the hair straightener can be adjusted anywhere between 160 and 220. The size of the plates makes it a good option to be used for any length of hair. The technology used in this product ensures the extra safety of the hair of the user.

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How do I choose a hair straightener?

Hair Straightener Buying Guide:

If you are planning to buy the best hair straightener in India, then you must be aware of the technical aspects of it. The following information about hair straighteners will help you go along with the decision you make about buying one.

Shape Matters:

A shape of a hair straightener carries way too important when comes to buying one. If you want to be certain that your hair straightener serves its purpose every time you put it to your hair, then buying the hair straightener that has round outer edges and plates will be an optimal choice. It will do away with the curs in your hair in no time.

Plate type:

  • The type of plate that has been used in your hair straightener will decide the ultimate result.
  • Titanium plates heat up quickly and spread temperature across the hair evenly. Although hair straighteners with these plates could be a little pricey, they render you with perfectly straight hair.
  • Tourmaline plates assist you in hair straightening by generating negative ions to keep moisture stored and improve the overall condition and strength of hair.
  • Ceramic coated plates with Teflon perform the job pretty great by moving through the hair without snagging.
  • Ceramic diamond plates accompanied by Teflon provide smooth working by evenly distributing the heat generated. Diamond assists in seamless gliding of the straightener through the hair.

Plate Width

Plate width of your hair straightener will vary greatly with your hair type. To straighten short hair, plates with size lying between 2.5 cm and 3 cm will aptly answer the purpose.

If you have hair that falls between short and medium hair, then the plates with size 3 cm to 4 cm in width will do the job greatly. For longer hairs, the width of the plates that are about 6 cm will be perfect.

However, if you have fine hair strength, then the hair straightener with around 4 cm or lesser width will be beneficial. Straighteners with wide length should be preferred for thick hair.


Time taken by the best hair straightener to heat up tells about the hair straightening effect that it reflects. If your hair straightener heats up quickly, then it will have better hair straightening results. In addition to this, the high temperature will generate quicker results, but the temperature must be by the hair type and strength.

Price or Value

What we all do is we hit the market, look for a cheap product to serve the basic purpose and then end up buying it. We never consider that a cheap product won’t last long. A bit expensive hair straightener will not only serve the same purpose but will also have better features and longer life which will provide you with better value for the money that you spend on it.


How to use Hair Straightener?

5 Steps of Hair Straightening

Step 1st: Provide Nourishment

We all like soft and shiny hair for which nourishment is the most important aspect. There are many products available on the market that can be used to moisturize hair such as shampoos and conditioners. Choose a product wisely and nourish your hair properly.

Step 2nd: Protect Your Hair

If you want amazing straightened hair, then you must be aware of its protection first. For which you can take the assistance of any suitable heat resistant spray or cream and then you can partition your hairs into various sections for better straightening.

Now, your hair is ready to enhance your glow. Thus, you can use the best hair straightener firstly into small portions then into large. In this way, you will fall in love with your hair undoubtedly, and nobody can resist you in becoming limelight of mind-boggling ceremonies.

Step 3rd: Keep the Hair Dry

If your hair is wet, dry it aptly. Instead of rubbing the hair with a towel, try squeezing it so that the towel absorbs the moisture. But if you have Hair Dryer then you can direct airflow to your hair so that your every root and tip can get shiny and smooth.

With this, you need not worry about hair damage which might occur if you had tried straightening wet hair. You will love the whole experience with straight and glossy hair if you dry the hair well.

Step 4th: Use Good Quality Hair Straightener

Now comes the most important part of the whole process. Never be in a hurry to get over with hair straightening if you want satisfactory results. Instead of running the straightener on all the area at once, take hold of a small section of hair and then move the straightener through it properly. While you treat any particular section of the hair, keep the rest of it with the help of clips. You can also choose to spend limited time on all the sections of the hair, and when you are treating the hair completely, you can repeat the process to have fantastic results.

Step 5th: Provide some Care

Once you are done with straightening your hair, apply some nourishing cream have smooth and shiny hair. Applying any nourishing product is the best way to execute the hair straightening task adequately.

Here you go! All set to step out and flaunt your soft and silky straight hair. If you are fidgeting over the prospect of keeping hair straight, then applying a suitable spray will do the job just fine.



If you are seeking to get the best hair straightener, then you must have gone through a little research about the straighteners. So, as per honest reviews and wise suggestions, you must go for Philips Hp8318/00 Kerashine Straightener as that equips most exciting features such as gorgeous look, professional temperature settings, genuine length, extra wide plates, and affordable price.

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