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Best Glucometer in India – Blood Glucose Monitor Device

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Lifestyle disorders have taken by the storm considering our busy schedules and not being able to find time for ourselves and our health. One such disease that falls under the lifestyle disorder category is diabetes.

It is known to be one of the biggest health issues in the world. It is estimated that 5% of Indians are suffering from diabetes. With the increasing levels of stress and poor eating habits, it is said that the percentage may take a sharp jump to around 100% by the year 2025.

Isn’t this scary? What if you are one amongst them? And diabetes has no cure but can be controlled only by following a proper diet and regulating and checking your blood glucose levels. For this, you would require a good glucometer.

A glucometer is a sophisticated device that demands only a single drop of blood and gives you instant feedback whether your blood sugar levels are on a high or low with digital readings. We are here to help you choose the best glucometers in India and the features to look for to choose the best glucometer device.


Best Glucometer in India 2022

Here is our list of the best Glucometers in India which can help you monitor your blood glucose levels and keep your health in check.


Accu-Chek Active Blood Glucose Meter Kit

Accu-Chek Active Blood Glucose Meter Kit

The most recommended and the most trusted upon the brand, Accu-Check is the World’s No.1 Blood glucose monitoring system that comes with a 10 years manufacturer’s warranty. It fulfils the ISO accuracy standards and is very easy as well as user friendly. All you have to do is, just insert the strip and you are good to go. It requires no coding and no chip insertion. The product comes with a free lifetime warranty as well. The product has a number of features which is packed into one small testing device. This makes the glucose level monitoring process very easy and accurate. There are two buttons included for the operation which help you access previous readings that are stored in its memory. It comes with a pack of 10 free test strips and 25 lancets along with a lancing device and plastic case.

The visual double-check allows you to check your result more than once and you can match the color code in order to determine if your reading is crossing the limits. The display is quite large and viewer-friendly which does not allow you to strain your eyes and helps you record readings quite easily.

The device also features an 8-second re-dose option. This means that if you have drawn low levels of blood for the machine to be able to detect the levels, it will give you an 8-10 second re-dose window to put more blood into the strip. This saves you from multiple pricks and sample drawings and also helps you to save strips for a single person. It also has a flagging system that helps you categorize readings taken pre-meal and post-meal which makes it easy to differentiate and analyze results accordingly.

The device also has a reminder system that reminds you to measure your glucose levels two hours after eating. The glucose level intervals could be measured as low as 10mg/dL to 600 mg/dL. It has a memory of 500 test results and allows you to view an average of up to 90-day readings. You can also view an average of your readings for up to a week to half a month to a month or even 3 months. The device can be connected to your mobile phones or laptops with a USB which helps you in transferring your readings and data easily and maintain a detailed record.

What I Like:

  • Reminder systems for measuring glucose levels
  • 8-10 second re-dose options save you from wasting lancets and strips
  • Average readings of up to 90 days can be calculated
  • Stores readings for up to 90 days
  • Colour indications for ease of understanding

What I Don’t Like:

  • Not very budget-friendly
  • The accuracy is not very reliable


Contour Plus One Blood Glucose Monitoring System

Contour Plus One Blood Glucose Monitoring System


Contour Plus One is beyond accurate and satisfies accuracy criteria for both laboratory and clinical setups making it the most reliable and accurate device in the diagnostic device industry. The manufacturer’s claim that the accuracy of the product is beyond benchmarks. Patients can rely on this device with absolute confidence. It follows the second chance sampling rule, which means each result is made double sure of within 60 seconds in order to provide the most precise results. The results are displayed in as less ad 5 seconds and the accuracy is unbeatable. This helps you to avoid using multiple strips and going through multiple pricks. It also has a colour indication with the smart light feature which reflects each time your readings are high or low.

The brand has its own app called the Contour Diabetes App and the glucometer device can be easily connected through Bluetooth. You can maintain a record of the readings via the app and make it easy to share and access across doctors and family members. The app is very user friendly and also helps you to set reminders to conduct regular tests and make frequent doctor visits, it’s almost like your personal caretaker. The app also helps you store your readings in a database for you to analyze and make a trend as per your treatment. The device offers a memory of up to 800 readings. The device requires no coding and works only with Contour strips.

The device is user friendly, comes with a large display, and is very compact. It almost fits inside your hand wallet like a tiny remote. There are no complicated operations or buttons to the device which makes it one of the most liked glucometer devices across patients and doctors.

What I Like:

  • Light indication for extremely high and low readings
  • Can be connected to devices via Bluetooth
  • 800 reading memory to store your glucose levels

What I Don’t Like:

  • The packaging is very poor
  • Does not come with free lancets and strips


Accu-Chek Instant S Glucometer with Free Test Strips

Accu-Chek Instant S Glucometer with Free Test Strips

Accu-Check is the world’s number 1 blood sugar monitoring brand which is trusted upon by doctors and recommended by doctors worldwide. The devices from Accucheck come with a 10 years manufacturer’s warranty and ensure accuracy and durability with each purchase you make for your health. The device has a unique target range indicator which uses colour indications to determine if your glucose levels are safe. The target range indicator makes it easy to understand your readings and gives you visual reassurance. Your average results for up to 90 days are easily visible on the meter which helps you keep a track of your levels and make an analysis and trend. The system is known to be one of the most accurate devices as per ISO standards of accuracy.

The test strips feature a unique easy edge design that has the largest dosing window as compared to any other blood glucose test strip. Just simply touch anywhere across the edge onto your finger and the osmotic pressure automatically sucks the blood into the strip from the finger to display the readings within seconds. The device requires no setup. In order to get started, you simply have to insert the strip, prick your finger with a lancet and draw a minimal amount of blood sample onto the strip to see the results. Samples can be drawn from the following outlets: Capillary, Arterial, Veins, and Neonatal samples.

As per your requirement, you can choose the number of strips that are separately available across all medical stores and online. The strips are available in vials of 10, 25, and 50 strips. The testing process is quite painless and is a very gentle prick onto your finger. The SoftClix lancing device makes sure that the test is easily done with the slightest of pricks.

The result is obtained in less than 4 seconds. Moreover, the device can be easily connected via USB to your smartphone, laptop, and tablet to view and manage your results on the larger screen easily. There are 25 lancets and 10 test strips that are included in the kit along with a plastic carry case and a glucometer device.

What I Like:

  • Target range indicator and large display makes it easier to analyze and understand readings
  • Free strips and lancets included
  • Painless sample withdrawal with SoftClix lancet device
  • Stores readings for up to 90 days which can be transferred via USB

What I Don’t Like:

  • The accuracy of the device is not as per claims
  • Shows a vast difference in readings in comparison to lab results


BeatO Smartphone Glucometer Kit

BeatO Smartphone Glucometer Kit

The BeatO Smartphone Glucometer Kit is very innovative and makes sure that your SmartPhone turns out to be your healthcare device. Not just that, but unlike other glucometers, it has more to what meets the eye and is one of the best-advanced health care and monitoring systems. It comes along with a small glucometer device which is used to insert the test strip at one end and the other end is used to connect to the 3.5mm audio jack of the phone. Once inserted into the phone, it can show you various types of information with regards to your blood glucose levels. Simple yet advanced.

Once you take a reading and connect the device to your mobile phone, Beato’s certified group of medical experts constantly guide you with the various steps that you can follow in order to set up and manage your lifestyle. The device is so tiny and portable, it makes it very user friendly and easy to carry.

Moreover, if you have to instantly share your readings and feedback with the doctors, then you can do that by easily viewing the readings on your phone and sending it to your doctor for medical advice. It helps you build a network of families and doctors so that when your reading is beyond or below a certain level, your doctor and family members are instantly notified. It comes with spare strips in the kit so that you never miss out on your blood assessment. The accuracy levels are quite good and it follows all standards of +/- 15% accuracy.

The entire kit comes with 50 lancets and 20 + 30 free RGB Sinocare Safe-Accu 2 Test Strips. It has a lancing device and a plastic case included along with the glucometer which comes with a 3.5 mm audio jack to connect to your smartphone. It works with the rich in features BeatO app. You can see the trends of your readings, store your readings, and simply analyze through pie charts and graphs to observe a trend of readings. The automatic alert system keeps your loved ones informed in times of crisis or emergency and helps them to help you regulate your blood glucose levels.

What I Like:

  • Works with your smartphone which is a great and innovative concept
  • Easy to carry and very portable
  • Shows a trend of readings and makes it easy to manage readings with app
  • BeatO app is feature-rich and helps manage your closest contacts and doctors

What I Don’t Like:

  • The app is not very user friendly
  • The readings are not very consistent and accurate


Dr. Trust (USA) Fully Automatic Blood Sugar Testing Glucometer Machine

Dr. Trust (USA) Fully Automatic Blood Sugar Testing Glucometer Machine

The Dr. Trust Gold Standard Blood Glucose Monitor is an easy to use device which is reliable and very accurate in terms of testing and giving you proper readings. We all know that having a glucometer device at dispense will help in regulating the blood glucose levels and manage our course of treatment accordingly. The device absolutely requires no coding and works with just a tiny drop of blood. It comes with a glucometer device, 60 testing strips, 60 lancets and 2 AAA batteries, 1 lancing pen, 1 carry case, and a user manual. The glucometer works on 3 modes, genera, AC, and PC mode. General mode is for taking normal readings during any part of the day, AC is for empty stomach readings, and PC is for readings after a meal.

The device additionally also features a smiley indicator that tells you if there is something to be worried about regarding your readings. Additionally, it also has a feature of determining the ketone levels in your blood. The device also features a reminder alarm. The device functions on two AAA batteries. Once inserted, you need to Press the S Button at the back of the device to get started.

The test strips measure the blood glucose level based on FAD-dependent glucose dehydrogenase enzymes. GDH-FAD mechanism of deriving blood glucose levels does not allow the interference of maltose and galactose in blood samples. It also gives you an indication of the level of ketones if they are rising beyond level as increased ketone levels can lead to an incidence of diabetes due to ketoacidosis. If the ketone level is beyond 15mol/L, then it detects it immediately and lets you know of the result via readings accordingly.

The blood samples can be collected from the upper arm, forearm and the device requires as little as 0.5µL of sample to determine adequate blood glucose levels. It is very easy to use and provides a quick test result.

What I Like:

  • Requires as less as 0.5µL of sample
  • Helps in ketone level analysis along with blood glucose levels
  • Avoids false readings due to maltose and galactose interference in blood

What I Don’t Like:

  • Shows excessively high readings in fasting, not very accurate
  • Not reliable in comparison to lab readings


OneTouch Select Plus Simple Glucometer

OneTouch Select Plus Simple Glucometer

OneTouch is a very well known and reliable brand in the U.S.A and now comes up with the Select Plus Simple Glucometer which is simple yet advanced. It is very easy to use and provides the best accuracy that you can expect. The results are shown in as less as 5 seconds and it requires as little as 1.0 µL of blood. The device is compatible with only OneTouch Select Plus Test Strips. The testing process is very simple. All you need to do is take a test strip and insert it into the device. Prick your finger with the needle pen and ooze out blood from the pricked area, apply blood on the top of the strip and your results are displayed within 5 seconds.

The device works with various signal indications. The audio signals indicate whether you have something to worry about or not. Blue colour and a fast beep indicate that you have low blood glucose levels with a fast beep, Green lets you know that your levels are normal with a single beep, red tells you that your blood glucose levels are high with a slow beep. The ColorSure technology gives you a clear understanding of your results so you know when to take the right action on the basis of your results.

The device may show slight deviations of 15% as per laboratory results which is acceptable. If the glucose concentration is beyond 100mg/dL, then it is 99.1% accurate, and if it is less than 100mg/dL, it is 99.4% accurate. These are acceptable as ISO standards and the easiest and the best device for keeping your blood glucose levels in check. It comes with 1 CR2 battery which is included and 10 strips free.

What I Like:

  • Audio and Color Signals for indicating blood glucose levels are high or low
  • Large display and very easy to use
  • Budget-friendly

What I Don’t Like:

  • The device is not very durable
  • The lancet does not prick even at high levels of adjustment


OneTouch Verio Flex Glucometer

OneTouch Verio Flex Glucometer

The OneTouch Verio Flex comes from the house of OneTouch which is one of the best selling glucometer device brands across the USA. Imagine the same amount of reliability and quality being offered in India. The Verio Flex Glucometer ensures accuracy you can rely on. The system has been very promising for more than 7 years now and shows accurate results even with the lowest to the highest glucose levels. The device is so fast, it provides results in just 5 seconds, which helps you in a faster course of treatment and helps you take suitable action in case of emergency and high or extremely low blood glucose levels.

The device requires very tiny levels of blood, approximately around 0.4μl which is very small and does not make you feel any pain while drawing the sample. The lancet does not poke much either and helps you draw a reasonable amount with a single and gentle prick. The device also makes sure to check the sample approximately 500 times before providing the results to you. There are 100 lancets and 50 test strips that come initially along with the device. The glucometer is also compatible and can be connected with BlueTooth. You can also view and manage your blood glucose results with the OneTouch reveal app that can be used on your phone, PC, or tablet.

The strips that come along with the kit can be used for any OneTouch family of devices. The display of the device is very user friendly. And it has a colour range indicating system with blue, green, and red to show low, normal, and high levels of blood glucose. There is a lancing device and a user manual included to get started with the machine. The big and easy to read display also comes with a time and date feature to record your readings accurately.

What I Like:

  • Colour indication for low, normal and high blood glucose levels
  • Comes with 50 strips and 100 lancets to get started with
  • Easy to use and large display

What I Don’t Like:

  • The strips are not newly manufactured and are delivered from an old batch of products
  • The product is not durable


Dr.Morepen GlucoOne Blood Glucose Monitor

Dr.Morepen GlucoOne Blood Glucose Monitor

Opportunity comes from needs and a Brand like Dr. Morepen clearly understands the current needs and increasing demands of patients, Healthcare workers, and consumers. The increasing awareness and the need to regulate lifestyle associated disorders like high blood pressure and diabetes brought them to manufacture products and goods that help in managing these diseases efficiently at home. They have a range of clinical devices and diagnostic products to offer and the GlucoOne Blood Glucose Monitor is just one amongst them.

The device has a huge display and easy to understand readings which makes it very user friendly and good for daily use. It works on the CR-2032 battery and comes with 25 strips and 10 lancets included in the kit along with the device and a plastic case. The device requires no coding and works with any of the Dr. Morepen device strips.

It requires a very tiny amount of blood sample, around 0.5µL which is painless with the lancing device provided. It draws sufficient blood with just one single prick. It also offers you the ease of alternate site testing and records an average of 300 readings. The readings are recorded on an average of 7, 14, and 31 days readings.  Once the readings are displayed, it gives a beeper alert within just a few seconds.

The device offers a very user-friendly and compact design. It is very simple to get started with. Simply insert the battery at the back of the device. Then use the lancing device to insert a lancet and remove the cap of the lancet. Close the cover of the lancing device and adjust the level of the needle prick. There are 5 levels of adjustments. Use a test strip to start the device, once it shows the inbuilt code number, put a blood drop onto the test strip and wait for the results to be displayed with a beep. Make sure to dispose of the needle and strip carefully.


What I Like:

  • Easy readings and display type
  • Easy to use
  • Free strips and lancets included
  • Requires minute blood sample

What I Don’t Like:

  • The strips always show an error upon insertion in case of certain devices
  • The readings are not accurate at all


ContourPlus Blood Glucose Monitoring System

Best Glucometer in India

So if you have been recently diagnosed with high blood glucose levels and have discovered that you are a patient of diabetes and if you are looking for a simple and easy to get started with the device, then the ContourPlus Blood Glucose Monitoring System is the best and the simplest device to use. The device uses highly accurate ContourPlus Test strips and has a large user-friendly display. It meets the need of an individual, from a very simple display to a very advanced and detailed report, it gives you exactly what you are looking for in a budget. The results are measured in the standard unit that is mg/dL or mmol/L.

The device is self-guided, you would not need any prior training or manual to get started with. The device has a memory of around 800 tests and shows an average reading of 7, 14, 30, and 90 days to help you keep track and properly analyze your trend of blood glucose levels. The glucometer also allows you to track your blood glucose levels pre-meal, post-meal, and fasting. It also has a built-in alarm system that reminds you to test over the part of the day or days as per requirement.

It comes with 3 easy to use and adjust buttons and a huge display to show your results easily without straining your eyes or finding the readings anywhere in the system. The device works with only specific contour plus test strips. The moment you insert the strip the meter turns on. Apply a drop of blood on the end of the strip and wait for a few seconds for the test results to arrive. The meter gives a beep sound indicating the sample is successfully drawn so that you don’t get inaccurate results due to improper levels of blood. The meter takes 5 seconds to show the results. In order to turn off the meter, simply remove the test strip.

What I Like:

  • Helps you store readings and remove half monthly and monthly averages
  • Easy to use and big display
  • Can set alarms to remind you to conduct tests

What I Don’t Like:

  • The strips are not appropriate and do not display results at once
  • Faulty and expired strips delivered with meter


How to Choose the Best Glucometer in India?

While diabetes is a majorly growing concern in our country, we need to understand the importance of having a glucometer to keep our blood sugar levels in check. The device that you choose should be very accurate, should be easy to operate, and should help you in giving a fair judgment in order to consult a doctor.

Here are a few factors that we have considered in order to choose the best Glucometer in India



Accuracy is one of the most important features to consider before choosing a glucometer. If the device certainly shows false results, it can mislead you only to worsen the situation further. The accuracy can go wrong due to various reasons, no sufficient sample drawn, the strips are faulty or there is an issue with the internal mechanism of the device.

Medical experts also suggest that accuracy has to be one of the most significant factors and they check onto various measures before choosing a machine for their use. These machines are not the most reliable in terms of treatment and diagnosis, and consulting a doctor is a must. But these readings can be considered and put forth in order to help you decide if you need medical intervention or not.

Certain glucometers are known to show a slight variance in the readings, maybe around 10% – 15% which is acceptable. Beyond which, it is not good and therefore such devices should not be used. Check the quality of the testing strips, as well. It is because faulty strips can give erroneous results.


Testing time:

The glucometer that you choose has to give you instant test results. Ideally, most devices these days show the results in approximately 5-20 seconds. However, in cases of emergency, if the device ends up taking more time than usual, then it can get dangerous before choosing to take any particular line of treatment. Therefore, the time taken to display the results is another important aspect.

Certain glucometers may also show other details and information and hence take a longer time to display the results. They are more detailed and produce vast information in a short time which can take longer than usual. Nowadays, glucometers show results in as quickly as 5 seconds.


Sample Size:

The lesser the amount of blood required, the better is the glucometer device. Back in those days when we went for blood tests to diagnostic labs, they drew large samples of blood. But with glucometers, a single drop of blood is more than sufficient to show the most accurate results. Ideally, the amount of blood required is 1-2 uL. Certain devices require only  .05 uL to give you accurate results.

It is very painful to get struck by the lancet every day especially for patients with high blood glucose levels. During such times, drawing small amounts of samples with a less painful lancet is very helpful. Lesser the amount of blood drawn, the lesser is the pain.


Data Display:

The readings that are displayed on the LED screen have to be somewhat easy to understand and read. This has to happen within seconds and has to be almost automatic. The display has t be very user friendly and easy to read for any person, therefore, a lot of them prefer LED screen with high contrast and huge display with a large set of numbers. This helps you to easily understand the readings without having to strain your eyes too much. If you have to conduct multiple tests a day, large numbers are readouts make it faster for you to analyze and note the results.


Data Storage:

Certain glucometer devices allow you to store and access to previous readings. They have a storage chip within which allows you to feed readings within the machine. The range, however, is variable, which may store data from one week to up to one month depending upon the capacity. The main advantage of data storage is that it allows you to access the previous readings easily before taking the next set of readings in order to compare improvements or decline in your health. This helps in providing a good trend of readings for a more detailed analysis.

Apart from maintaining a manual log, if your device does the work for you at the press of a button, what could be better?


Data Transfer:

While certain devices allow data storage, others allow a transfer of data to other devices that can be connected to your glucometer. This includes your phone, laptop, or tablet. Keeping a set of stored readings not only helps you in better analysis and judgment but also helps you understand the course of improvement and decline in your health.

You can reduce your visits to the doctor and present the entire trend of readings to him for over the week or month so he can suggest a suitable course of treatment for you.


Ease of Use:

For certain patients who need to use the glucometer multiple times a day, the device has to be very comfortable and convenient to use with minimal operations required to take the readings and start or stop the device. The user interface of the device has to be very simple for users to understand easily and see the readings.

Big large displays and plain readings displayed on the screen are easier to understand for some. Whereas certain patients and users lookout for advanced features like connectivity across multiple devices, data transfer, data storage, show other features like spo2 levels in the blood, etc.

Be it any feature, your glucometer should simply allow you to help track and monitor your health on a daily basis.



Glucometers are a permanent investment for your health. Therefore, paying a certain amount for a device that would last longer and do good for your entire household is always justifiable. However, the device may not cost you much as the related accessories do. This includes the test strips, the coding chip, lancets, etc.

The best suggestion would be to look out for a brand that offers the best quality strips at a low price for affordability. This would not pinch your pockets while having to take daily readings especially for patients who have high glucose levels and need to keep it regulated and on track on a daily basis.



As Indians, we always look for something extra with what we purchase as we expect most things for free for the price we pay. The same is the case with Glucometers. If you invest in an entire kit, make sure to check if they offer enough number of strips and lancets to get started with. It should not be so that you are paying a hefty price for the entire kit only to receive a machine with a limited number of lancets and strips.


Brand Value:

Brands matter equally when it comes to the quality and the technology used by the devices. Brands like Accu check, Dr. Morepen, One Touch by Johnson and Johnson, Beato, etc offer more than what a diabetic patient can ask for.

Their devices are durable and of high quality making them a reliable brand. Their strips and lancets are also of high quality which makes sure that you get accurate results with each test.



1. Which is the most accurate glucometer in India?

While any glucometer device can show slight deviations in its accuracy, minute deviations of up to 15% are acceptable. However, according to us, the most accurate glucometer device is the Accu-Chek Active Blood Glucose Meter Kit. It comes with 25 lancets and 10 free strips and provides an accuracy like no other brand or device. With its inbuilt memory of up to 500 readings, 90-day average reading calculations, and redosing gap time of 10 seconds, it is very easy and user friendly as well as provides reliable and accurate results. It is one of the most trusted brands by doctors and diabetics.


2. Is Accu Chek instant accurate? or it can be wrong?

However, accurate it claims to be but the ISO standard always mentions a difference of 15% in the readings derived from the lab. These deviations are always acceptable. Any glucometer which claims to provide 90-99% of accuracy like AccuCheck can be considered. But it is always best to reassure with your doctor and get regular lab checks done as these devices are not completely reliable for diagnosis and treatment and can be faulty.

3. How long does the Accu Chek battery last?

This depends upon the type of AccuCheck Device. High-end devices that have more information to offer possess a higher battery life, as much as 1500-2000 tests. Whereas, normal Accucheck devices are known to offer a battery life of 750-1000 tests depending upon usage. Once the battery levels start to reduce, the display starts to get dim and the buttons of the device become unresponsive. This means it is time to get the batteries replaced.


4. How can I check my blood sugar without a meter?

Firstly, is it possible to check the blood sugar levels without a meter? The answer to that is Yes! When we did not have glucometer devices, the primary method of checking blood glucose levels was through chemical and diagnostic tests. One of the easiest chemical methods in order to determine glucose in your blood is by using Benedicts Solution.

For this, you will require around 2-5 mL of a blood sample and add 10 drops of benedicts solution to the tube containing your blood. Heat the tube at around 45 degrees Celsius in a water bath for 5 minutes. The solution after heating will turn yellow, brick red, or green depending upon the concentration of sugar present in your blood.


5. How do you feel when your blood sugar is too high?

When your blood sugar level is too high, it is an obvious fact that you are suffering from diabetes. When the levels shoot up beyond a certain reading that is 140 mg/dL, you are on the higher side of the readings.

This can give you feelings like excessive thirst, excessive urination, feeling hungry and weak often, shortness of breath, stomach pain, fatigue, nausea and vomiting, fruity breath, and a very dry mouth. Therefore, your diet needs to be kept in check and your blood glucose levels need to be regulated.

6. Can drinking a lot of water lower your blood sugar?

Yes. It is true that by drinking excessive amounts of water, you can keep your glucose levels in check. When the glucose levels in your body are very high, the blood will try to remove the excess glucose through urination. Therefore, you get frequent urges of urinating. Once the body has lost its fluids through urine, it will require more fluids in order to rehydrate itself. Drinking lots of water will help the body in flushing out the glucose more easily from the blood through urine.



Diabetes is a lifestyle disorder which is here to stay for generations. Apart from making slight changes in our lifestyles like maintaining a proper diet and exercise regimen, what’s also important is to keep the glucose levels in check and under control. The best solution out there to help you regulate your glucose levels at the ease of your home is by investing in a glucometer.

According to us, the best glucometer in India is the AccuCheck Active Blood Glucose Meter Kit. Its accuracy is recognized by ISO standards and it has many features packed in one tiny device. It requires no coding and is very easy to operate and store. It features easy handling with just 2 buttons and gives you results within as soon as 5 seconds. It requires very minimal amounts of blood and can store up to 500 readings. The strips and lancets are universal for all AccuCheck devices and are easily available across medical stores.

We recommend you to read our article on the best glucometer devices and invest in a healthy option to keep your health and glucose levels in check. Tell us in the comments below which is your favourite amongst all the devices that we have reviewed.

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